Top Resources For Black Women and Girls

Black women around the world have only recently begun to be recognized for their accomplishments in business, government, films and television, music, sports, and more.

Here is a list of several projects and organizations that have helped and continue to help Black women and girls to be successful:

Black Girls Code: A non-profit organization founded in 2011 by Kimberly Bryant that focuses on providing technology education for African-American girls. Its mission is to train as many Black girls as possible so that they can successfully pursue careers in computer programming, coding, mobile application-building, and more.

The BOSS Network: An online community of professional and entrepreneurial Black women who support each other through digital content, programs, and event-based networking. It aims to promote and encourage the small business spirit and career development of women.

Black Girl Ventures: This organization provides Black/Brown woman-identifying founders with access to community, capital, and capacity building in order to meet business milestones that lead to economic advancement through entrepreneurship. It uniquely combines the premise of Shark Tank and Kickstarter by activating community participation in donating to support women-owned businesses directly.

Speak Black Woman: An initiative launched by veteran entrepreneur and author Quinn Conyers that is ultimately a tribe of Black women in business who are passionate about making a profit from public speaking. It provides resources, tips, and training events for Black women entrepreneurs to help them monetize their speaking engagements.

Fearless Fund: A venture capital firm that invests in women of color-led businesses seeking pre-seed, seed level, or series A financing. Its mission is to bridge the gap in venture capital funding for women of color founders building scalable, growth aggressive companies.

Free Grant Writing Masterclass For Black Women: Linda Peavy, the grant writing guru and owner of LiPav Consulting LLC, has secured $17 million in funds and is now offering free grant writing training for Black women-owned businesses. Her class provides tips for finding, writing, and securing funds to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses.