Actress Marla Gibbs at 91-Years Old is Coming Back to Daytime Television

Marla Gibbs

91-year-old veteran actress Marla Gibbs will be bringing her talent to the popular daytime television show Days of Our Lives as Olivia Price, the mother of Jackée Harry's beloved character, Paulina. Many know her as Florence from the 70s sitcom The Jeffersons and Mary from the 80s sitcom 227, and all her loyal fans are looking forward to seeing her debut in one of the longest-running soap operas.

According to an interview with Soap Opera Network, Gibbs has always been a fan of Days, sharing that she felt ecstatic when her agent gave her the news. When recalling her experience on the set, Gibbs states, "I’m sorry that I didn’t get to work with all of the actors...because Jackée and I, our scenes were together and it was regarding what we were dealing with."

When asked how she felt about having such a loyal following of fans, Gibbs comments, "It really makes me feel gratified that so many people love both shows, and love my characters...I just received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...And when I got there all these people were all around and they were saying they loved me, and it just got to me." The actress has certainly become a credit to the industry of televised acting, as this accomplishment is not earned by many.

Gibbs reportedly also has plans to work with rapper and musician Snoop Dogg in an upcoming movie called Bromates that will be released in late 2022.