At Just 7-Years Old, Victory Brinker Became the World’s Youngest Opera Singer

Victory Brinker
As of 2019, Guinness World Records has added a new name to their list of young achievers. Meet Victory Brinker, the youngest opera singer in the world. Brinker started on this path just before her sixth birthday, with the assistance of her adoptive mother. 
According to Because Of Them We Can, Brinker is one of eleven children in her household. She was born in 2012 and was already performing on live television at the age of seven. Brinker states, "I love the challenge of the difficult arrangements, the technique required to sing, all the runs, and the different languages all the arias are written in."

This same article shares that Brinker already has a contract as a professional opera singer and meets with a vocal coach in order to fine-tune her talents further. This practice includes learning to sing across the range of three full octaves and in seven different languages.

Brinker shows appreciation for the people who support her skill, including her mother, saying, "My mom taught me how to sing and helps me believe I can do anything. No matter what I want to do next, she finds a way to help me to do it. She is always cheering me on." Now, Brinker is over 10 years old and has made appearances on multiple television shows, including Little Big Shots, Dr. Phil, and America's Got Talent.