Kim Wayans is Now 60-Years Old, Writing Children's Books, and Still Looking Flawless

Kim Wayans

Most people remember Kim Wayans as the talented and hilarious actress and comedian from the 1990s hit comedy show In Living Color and LL Cool J's sitcom In The House, but she has come a long way since then. She has starred in many other TV and film projects over the years and is now the publisher and writer of the popular Amy Hodgepodge book series about mixed-race children.

Oh and by the way, she is married now and now goes by the name of Kim Knotts. Her husband of 20 years, Kevin Knotts, is also an actor, writer, and the co-founder of their book series and publishing company.

So far, they have together authored 4 books that are based on a character that is teased at school for being a multiracial girl. The series navigates how she deals with various scenarios in school and even outside of school with her neighborhood friends.

At 60-years old, Kim has definitely turned a new page in her life, and she still looks amazing. Even more, she continues to live out the talented legacy that the Wayans family has always been known for.

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