Documents Prove That the World’s Oldest Person is a 128-Year Old Black Woman

Meet Johanna Mazibuko, who is currently considered to be the world's oldest person at 128-years old. She is a South African who was born in 1894 and according to Metro, she has lived through the times of two world wars, apartheid, and British colonialism. Both her birth certificate and a national ID prove that she really is as old as she says.

Aside from a hearing deficiency, Mazibuko is healthy and independent enough to move around her house and even share her own life experiences.

An interview with Mazibuko touches on times of her childhood that include living on a farm, a locust infestation, raising seven children, and living to meet fifty of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Mazibuko has employed a personal caretaker since 2001 and lives in a caring village that reveres her for her age and wisdom.

As of 2019, the average life expectancy of a human is under 73-years old, according to Our World in DataIt's not uncommon to meet people who are in their late seventies or even mid-eighties. Some people even live up to one hundred years old. However, Mazibuko has clearly been highly favored and blessed.