Black Couple Graduated From Med School and Were Married in the Same Week

Dwight Johnson II and Taylor Brooks

Meet Dwight Johnson II and Taylor Brooks, a couple who recently graduated together as physicians from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. Six days later, the two got married.

Both of them graduated on May 15th as medical students from the institution which is one of four HBCUs located in Nashville. They both had been scholarship recipients, and they both graduated on May 15th, Dwight, as an OBGYN Physician, and Taylor as a Physician of Psychiatry.

Less than a week later on May 21st, the two were married at a beautiful ceremony that friends and family attended.

Dwight, who also studied at Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, Georgia, posted on his Facebook page, "So much to be thankful for in this past week. I was able to marry my best friend and then graduate as physicians together just 6 days later. God is so good. This is what #BlackLove mixed with #BlackExcellence looks like when you always keep God at the center of your life."

Meanwhile, Taylor, who also studied at Rice University in Houston, Texas, retweeted on her Twitter page what her new husband had just posted saying, "When you get married and graduate med school the same week."

Established in 1876, Meharry Medical College is the most prominent institution in the United States that educates African-American doctors and dentists.