Meet the First Ever Black Superintendent of Frederick County Schools in Maryland

Dr. Cheryl Dyson has become yet another one of educational history's trailblazers. After years of higher education as both a student and a teacher, Dyson is now Frederick County Public Schools' first Black superintendent. According to WTOP, Dyson was approved by the DoE of this county to start this new position in mid-April of 2022.

DoE board members, including the Board President Brad Young, have gone on record of mentioning what was taken into account while considering Dyson for this appointment. Young states: "Her leadership and expertise are unparalleled, but her commitment to each and every student is what impressed the board most."

With this new position comes countless tasks and responsibilities both small and large. As the superintendent, Dyson now oversees 70 schools throughout the Frederick County of Maryland. According to the Montgomery County Public School website, Dyson took many steps along the way to this important role.

The mentioned article shares that Dyson earned a Bachelor's degree for Arts in Communications, a Master's for Arts in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Being such a decorated scholar, there is no question of Dyson's capability to fulfill this role.