Black Woman Files Lawsuit Against Hospital For Wrongfully Forcing Her in Psych Ward

Abeba Davis, a 39-year model from Queens, New York City, has filed a lawsuit against a local hospital that wrongfully admitted her into a psych ward against her will. She had gone to the hospital's emergency room to obtain medication for her anxiety following a sexual assault.

According to New York Daily News, after reporting the attack to the NYPD and filing charges, she was assigned a social worker and was later left alone in the social worker's office until staff members of the hospital forcibly took her to the hospital's psych ward.

She says that she pled with them to be released, as she recalls: "I’m begging, ‘Please, I’m not crazy.’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah,’ because the next person next to me is also saying they’re not crazy." Davis was then demanded to remove her clothes and take an unknown medication. Davis continues, "No one hears me, I was just like nothing to them. I was just a naked Black girl sitting in the corner begging to get out, saying, ‘I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy.’”

In April 2022, Davis officially filed a lawsuit and began pressing charges against Queens County Hospital Center. Even after her release, and the apology of her social worker who returned hours later, the New York City Health and Hospitals and the Law Department are without comment on the matter.