City of Milford, Connecticut Hires Its First Black Female Police Officer

Patricia Nelson

The Milford Police Department has officially achieved an accomplishment that many other precincts and departments have reached years ago and hired its first black female police officer. After her graduation from the police academy in November of 2021, Officer Patricia Nelson joined the ranks of the Milford Police Department and made history.

According to NBC, Nelson stated of her career choice, "I’ve always been fascinated with helping people, investigating crimes, and helping people better themselves." Across America, police departments, like Milford, have pledged to increase their female staff by 30% by the year 2030. Because of this, Nelson could take an opportunity many other black females may have missed.

Nelson stated further, "I feel very rewarded to have this opportunity and this job." Although the percentage of black female police officers barely meets 12% of all officers in the United States, Nelson is a trailblazer on the road to a more diverse police force.