Meet the 6-Year Old Girl who Impersonates Black Female Icons

Rosie White

History is riddled with stories of black women who fought wars, broke barriers, and blazed trails that now bring freedom and power to millions of people worldwide. Their stories inspire many to follow in their footsteps and continue their legacy through their words and their actions. But one young girl and her mother have chosen to go one step further. Kenya White and her six-year-old daughter, Rosie, have begun a movement of their own through impersonating these legendary women online.
Through social media, Rosie and her mother have filmed dozens of short clips that spotlight the young girl in various outfits that replicate the looks of women like Judge Ketanji Jackson, Stacey Abrams, and even Aretha Franklin. In each video, Rosie recites a short narrative on the woman she's dressed as.

When asked about her decision to make these videos with her young daughter, Kenya White responds: I didn't want to teach her the trauma of black history that I was taught as a kid her age...I want her to learn about women and inventors. Something that she can reflect on and say ‘Hey, I can do that. I can be just like her'."

With over eight thousand followers on Instagram, this young lady has even made a television appearance on Fox 2 Detroit, where it's mentioned that Rosie will even begin making short history lessons available online in order to help educate young people like herself on the incredible stories these women have left behind.