Shalanda Young Makes History as First Black Woman to Lead White House Budget Office

Shalanda Young

Shalanda Young, of Moulin Rouge, has officially written her name in White House history. As of March 2022, Young was made the first Black woman to ever lead the White House budget office. According to the U.S. Senate, this decision was made with overwhelming support. 

CNN Politics expands on the momentous shift of this position. In her past, Young has served as an acting director on the House Appropriations Committee. This decorated career meant Young spent years supervising an amount of over $1.3 trillion in government spending.

The Hill shares that Senator Richard Shelby commented on her capabilities: "I think it'd be hard for the Biden administration to do any better. She'll do a good job if they let her."

Young's new position opens the door to a Cabinet of diverse members, providing an opportunity for people of color to rise up the ranks of government.