Meet the Founder of the First Black-Female Owned Podcast Network Created in DC

Angel Nicole Livas

CEO and best-selling author, Angel Nicole Livas, has many times been considered a visionary and a successful role model for black Americans. Livas saw an opportunity to create history when podcasts became a more viral style of media. But she didn't just start her own podcast: Livas became the first black woman in America to own a podcast network. 

On February 22nd, 2022, Livas launched her network, the Alive Podcast Network. The network has since begun the production of two shows and has reached over 147 million downloads. APN states on its official website: "We believe that activating acquired knowledge is the most powerful tool to living an abundant life...gaining information in an unforced, easy to digest manner is essential to implementing the lessons learned in your everyday life."

Livas has even reached new heights past APN. Livas was nominated for the 2022 NAACP Image Award after producing the show, "Under Construction with Tamar Braxton". She is also the CEO of D.C. Media Connection and expands her empire as the philanthropic founder of the nonprofit organization, Woman Behind the Business.

This podcast network has shown itself to be an inspiration to audience members and even many who work alongside Livas in her journey to success. In an interview for Authority Magazine, Livas was asked what she believed was the most critical role to her as a leader. Her response? "True leaders rely on their ability to be honest and transparent with their teams through whatever uncertainty arises."